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[[en]]Restore health. Relieve pain. Live life.[[zh]]恢復健康、舒緩痛楚、享受生活
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Experience a rejuvenating deep massage like no other.
Feel better, move better and recover faster with the most lightweight, effective and whisper quiet percussion massage device ever made.


Game-Changing Device, Life-Changing Benefits


[[en]]Relieve muscle tightness and soreness[[zh]]舒緩肌肉繃緊與酸痛
[[en]]Increase mobility & blood circulation[[zh]]增強肌肉力量,促進血液循環
[[en]]Enhance performance & speed up recovery[[zh]]快速恢復健康,回復狀態
[[en]]Reduce pain & risk of injury[[zh]]緩和痛楚,減低受傷的機會
[[en]]Naturally relieve stress & improve sleep[[zh]]舒緩壓力,改善睡眠質素

Experience deep massage therapy in the palm of your hand. Stimulate blood flow in every inch of your body to enhance performance, recovery and relieve pain. With an industry-leading 3200 percussions per minute, all it takes is 30 seconds per muscle.

Customize your treatment to your lifestyle – 4 massage options, 3 speeds and a one-of-a-kind Therapy Timer for the perfect massage every time. Warm up, warm down or simply stay mobile and pain free in daily life. 



[[en]]THERAPY TIMER[[zh]]治療計時器
[[en]]ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT[[zh]]超輕量
[[en]]ANTI-SLIP GRIP[[zh]]防滑手柄
[[en]]PRESSURE SAFETY LOCK[[zh]]壓力安全鎖

[[en]]Designed in Collaboration with a Champion Athlete[[zh]]與冠軍運動員合作設計

WAVE has been designed in close collaboration with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Fernando Junior. It brings the best of the athletic and therapy worlds together to deliver the ultimate performance and recovery tool.
WAVE 按摩槍是本公司與巴西柔術冠軍得主 Fernando Junior 合作設計而成,產品糅合了運動和物理治療界別的傑出代表之專業意見,致力為您帶來高性價比的按摩產品。
Fernando Junior

What’s Included

套 裝 包 括

[[en]]WAVE Massage Gun[[zh]]WAVE 按摩槍
[[en]]4 Interchangeable Attachments[[zh]]4個可互換按摩頭
[[en]]Ultra-strong Protective Case[[zh]]手提保護盒
[[en]]Charging Unit[[zh]]充電器
[[en]]User Manual[[zh]]說明書


  • Powerful High-Grade Motor with Silent Pulse Technology
  • Removable Long-life Lithium-ion Battery
  • Ergonomic, Anti-Slip Hand Grip
  • 3 Flexible Speed Settings
  • Therapy Timer for Optimal Treatment Length
  • Battery Indicator
  • ON/OFF Power Switch
  • 4 Interchangeable Applicators for Customized Treatment
  • 採用靜音振動技術的大功率電機
  • 可拆卸及電量持久的鋰電池
  • 符合人體工學的防滑手柄
  • 三檔變頻調節
  • 計時治療器,提供最佳治療
  • 電池指示燈
  • ON / OFF 電源開關
  • 4個互換按摩頭,制定適切的按摩治療
  • Size
    7.04" x 9.64" x 2.59" (179mm x 245mm x 66mm)
  • Weight
    2lbs (950g)
  • Travel
    Durable protective case
  • Battery
    Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries give over 3 hours of use
  • Speed
    Max. 3200 percussions per minute
  • 尺寸
    7.04英寸x9.64英寸x 2.59英寸(179毫米 x245毫米 x66毫米)
  • 重量
    2磅 (950克)
  • 適合於旅行使用
  • 電池容量
  • 頻率